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Tally Solutions Champions Sustainable Future with Agroforestry Project in Harihara village, Kanakapura. This initiative embodies Tally Solutions' dedi Read more

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Forest for Tally Solutions

Tally Solutions Champions Sustainable Future with Agroforestry Project in Harihara village, Kanakapura.

This initiative embodies Tally Solutions' dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and fostering a healthy environment. We're committed to supporting local communities and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Planting the Seeds of Change:

  • In partnership with Grow Billion Trees, Tally Solutions has sponsored the planting of a diverse selection of 7,500 trees in Harihara village through our innovative agroforestry program.
  • This includes valuable fruit and resource-bearing trees like:
    • 1,500 Mango trees
    • 3,000 Coconut trees
    • 1,000 Sapota trees
    • 1,500 Lemon trees
    • 500 Drumstick trees
  • These trees will directly benefit the farmers involved, providing them with a sustainable source of income for years to come.
  • We've planted these trees alongside 30 farmers from the village, with a particular focus on empowering women farmers and fostering their economic independence.

The Fruits of Our Labor:

  • Environmental Impact: Our trees will act as natural carbon sinks, capturing carbon dioxide, improving air quality, and promoting biodiversity.
  • Economic Empowerment: The fruit trees will provide a sustainable source of income for the farmers, particularly the women farmers who play a crucial role in this project.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Agroforestry practices promote healthy soil, prevent erosion, and ensure long-term agricultural productivity for the land.

Implementation Partner : Think Good Foundation


What is the project's goal?

This collaborative project between Tally Solutions and Grow Billion Trees aims to cultivate a brighter future for Harihara village through agroforestry. By integrating trees with existing crops, the project empowers farmers, improves the environment, and promotes biodiversity. This innovative approach creates a sustainable future for the community.

What kind of trees are being planted?

The project has planted a diverse selection of 7,500 trees, including mango, coconut, sapota, lemon, and drumstick trees. This variety provides valuable fruits and resources for the farmers while also contributing to environmental benefits.

How does agroforestry benefit the farmers?

Agroforestry offers several advantages for the farmers involved in the project. Firstly, it allows them to diversify their income by generating new revenue streams from selling fruits and other products harvested from the trees. Secondly, these trees improve soil health and fertility in the long run, leading to higher crop yields. Finally, with a particular focus on empowering women farmers, the project fosters economic independence within the community.

How does this project contribute to the environment?

The trees planted in the Harihara project contribute significantly to the environment. They act as natural carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide and mitigating the effects of climate change. Additionally, these trees improve air quality by filtering pollutants and creating a cleaner environment for the community. Furthermore, by providing habitat for various species, the project promotes a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem.

Who are the participating farmers?

The project collaborates with 30 farmers from Harihara village. Empowering women farmers is a key focus of the initiative, fostering their economic independence and creating a more equitable future for the community.

Is there a way to track the progress of the trees?

Absolutely! By visiting this page regularly, you can stay updated on the progress of the trees. We'll be sharing photos, growth data, and stories about the positive impact of this real-world reforestation initiative.

What is Tally Solutions' role in this initiative?

Tally Solutions partnered with Grow Billion Trees to sponsor the planting of these trees. This initiative aligns with their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental responsibility. By supporting this project, Tally Solutions demonstrates their dedication to creating a sustainable future.

Can I support similar projects?

Yes! Grow Billion Trees works on numerous agroforestry initiatives around the world. Visit their website to learn more about their projects and explore ways you can get involved in supporting sustainable practices.

What are the long-term goals for this project?

This project aims to establish a successful agroforestry model that can be replicated in other communities. By creating a sustainable system that benefits both farmers and the environment, the project paves the way for long-term environmental and economic well-being.

How can I learn more about agroforestry?

Grow Billion Trees offers a wealth of information about agroforestry practices, its benefits, and its role in sustainable agriculture. Additionally, various online resources can provide further details about this innovative approach to land management.


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