Tally Solutions CSR Project - Agro Forestry in Harihara Village

In the dynamic landscape of industrial innovation and environmental consciousness, Tally Solutions emerges as a formidable leader, transcending its pr Read more

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Tally Solutions 7500 Tree(s)
from Bangalore Apr 01, 2024

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Tally Solutions 7500 Tree(s)
Bangalore Apr 01, 2024

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Tally Solutions CSR Project - Agro Forestry in Harihara Village

In the dynamic landscape of industrial innovation and environmental consciousness, Tally Solutions emerges as a formidable leader, transcending its primary role as a provider of cutting-edge technologies. It stands as a beacon of sustainability, with a profound commitment to mitigating its ecological footprint while fostering a greener future.

Tally's ethos is deeply rooted in environmental stewardship, permeating every facet of its operations and strategic initiatives. Through a holistic approach that integrates sustainability into its corporate DNA, Tally Solutions not only addresses the pressing challenges of today but also envisions a harmonious coexistence between technology and the environment for generations to come.


Plantation Date

April 01, 2024


Plantation Location

97XR+595, Harihara Lake Rd, Karnataka 562126


No. of Trees Planted 

(Total: 7500 trees planted) 

In partnership with Grow Billion Trees, Tally Solutions has sponsored the planting of a diverse selection of 7,500 trees in Harihara village through our innovative agroforestry program. This includes valuable fruit and resource-bearing trees like: 

1,500 Mango trees 

Mango trees provide delicious and nutritious fruits, offering a valuable source of nutrition for local communities. Additionally, mango fruits are in high demand in the market, providing farmers with a sustainable source of income. Furthermore, mango trees contribute to soil fertility through leaf litter decomposition, enhancing overall soil health. 

3,000 Coconut trees 

Coconut trees offer versatile uses, including coconut water, oil, milk, and husks, providing diverse income opportunities for farmers. The nutrient-rich coconuts are essential for local dietary diversity and nutrition. Moreover, coconut trees are resilient to drought conditions, making them suitable for cultivation in arid regions. 

1,000 Sapota trees 

Sapota fruits fetch good prices in the market due to their sweet taste and nutritional value, serving as a lucrative source of income for farmers. These fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals, promoting overall health and well-being. Additionally, sapota trees provide shade and shelter to other crops and livestock, contributing to ecosystem diversity and resilience. 

1,500 Lemon trees 

Lemon trees yield acidic and tangy fruits rich in vitamin C, essential for maintaining immune health and preventing diseases. Lemon fruits and leaves have medicinal properties, used in traditional medicine for their antibacterial and antiseptic effects. Furthermore, lemons are widely used in culinary preparations, enhancing flavor and aroma in dishes and beverages. 

500 Drumstick trees 

Drumstick pods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, offering numerous health benefits such as boosting immunity and improving digestion. Drumstick leaves and pods also possess medicinal properties, known for their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Moreover, drumstick trees are resilient to drought conditions, making them suitable for cultivation in water-deficient regions.


Forest Type 

Agro Forest 

Tally Solutions is committed to implementing agroforestry practices that not only foster environmental conservation but also empower local farmers by diversifying their income sources. Our approach involves integrating trees into agricultural landscapes, which not only enhances soil health and biodiversity but also builds resilience to the impacts of climate change. Through these initiatives, we aim to support sustainable agriculture while promoting economic growth and environmental sustainability in local communities.


Activities During Tree Plantation 

Employee Engagement:

The tree plantation event united staff from various departments, enhancing employee engagement. This initiative improved interdepartmental communication and fostered a sense of community and shared purpose. Planting trees together allowed employees to connect with each other and nature, boosting well-being and satisfaction. This strengthened team spirit and highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Discussion on Agroforestry:

A session on agroforestry introduced the benefits of integrating trees into agricultural landscapes. Experts discussed techniques like alley cropping and silvopasture, which enhance soil fertility, water retention, and biodiversity. The discussion highlighted agroforestry's role in sustainable agriculture, presenting successful case studies. Participants learned how agroforestry provides sustainable land management solutions.


Tree Plantation Purpose

Tally Solutions' Agro Forest initiative aims to mitigate carbon emissions, enhance biodiversity, and promote sustainable agricultural practices, aligning with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations: 

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities 

By promoting agroforestry, the initiative contributes to sustainable land use and fosters resilient communities. 

Goal 13: Climate Action 

Through carbon sequestration and soil conservation, agroforestry helps combat climate change and build climate resilience. 

Goal 15: Life on Land 

Agroforestry promotes biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management practices, supporting terrestrial ecosystems. 

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth 

By integrating trees into agricultural landscapes, agroforestry creates new income opportunities for rural communities, contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction.


Advantages of Plantation 

Environmental Impact 

Planting trees significantly reduces carbon dioxide levels, improves air quality, and promotes biodiversity conservation. 

Economic Empowerment 

Fruit-bearing trees provide a sustainable income source for farmers, particularly benefiting women farmers, thus fostering economic independence and stability. 

Sustainable Agriculture 

Agroforestry practices ensure healthy soil, prevent erosion, and sustain long-term agricultural productivity, contributing to food security and rural livelihoods. 

Community Engagement 

Involving local communities in tree planting activities promotes environmental awareness, fosters a sense of ownership, and strengthens community bonds. 

Partnership for Sustainability 

Collaborating with organizations like #GrowBillionTrees demonstrates the importance of collective action and multi-stakeholder engagement in achieving sustainable development goals.


Summary of Plantation Activity

Tally Solutions' Agro Forest initiative epitomizes a transformative approach to environmental stewardship and rural development. By actively engaging in tree planting activities, educational outreach, and fostering collaborative partnerships, Tally Solutions empowers local communities to actively participate in sustainable land management practices.

This initiative not only aims to mitigate carbon emissions and enhance biodiversity but also seeks to improve livelihoods and build climate resilience in rural areas. As Tally Solutions continues to nurture these agro forests, it lays the groundwork for a future where agriculture is sustainable, communities thrive, and ecosystems flourish.

Let's join hands with Tally Solutions in nurturing and protecting our natural resources, ensuring a legacy of sustainability and prosperity for generations to come.

Environmental Sustainability

Tally Solutions' CSR project in Harihara Village focuses on agroforestry, a sustainable land management practice that integrates trees with agricultural crops. By promoting environmental sustainability, this initiative aims to mitigate climate change impacts and enhance ecosystem resilience.

Community Empowerment

Through agroforestry, Tally Solutions empowers local communities in Harihara Village by providing them with sustainable livelihood opportunities. By engaging farmers in tree planting activities and promoting agroecological practices, the project fosters economic independence and social cohesion.

Biodiversity Conservation

The agroforestry project in Harihara Village promotes biodiversity conservation by creating diverse habitats for flora and fauna. By planting a variety of tree species, Tally Solutions contributes to the preservation of local biodiversity and the protection of endangered species.

Rural Development

Tally Solutions' CSR initiative in Harihara Village contributes to rural development by enhancing agricultural productivity and improving the socio-economic well-being of rural communities. Through agroforestry, the project aims to uplift the living standards of farmers and their families.

Climate Resilience

Agroforestry plays a crucial role in building climate resilience by improving soil health, conserving water, and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Tally Solutions' project in Harihara Village helps farmers adapt to climate variability and mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events.

Corporate Citizenship

Tally Solutions demonstrates corporate citizenship through its commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. By investing in agroforestry projects like the one in Harihara Village, the company contributes to the greater good of society and fulfills its role as a responsible corporate citizen.


What is Tally Solutions' CSR project in Harihara Village about?

Tally Solutions' CSR project in Harihara Village focuses on promoting agroforestry as a sustainable land management practice to enhance environmental sustainability and community livelihoods.

How does agroforestry benefit rural communities?

Agroforestry provides rural communities with sustainable livelihood opportunities by diversifying income sources, improving soil fertility, and enhancing ecosystem resilience.

What types of trees are planted in the agroforestry project?

The agroforestry project includes the planting of diverse tree species such as mango, coconut, sapota, lemon, and drumstick, providing valuable resources and ecosystem services to the community.

How does agroforestry contribute to biodiversity conservation?

Agroforestry promotes biodiversity conservation by creating diverse habitats for flora and fauna, supporting wildlife habitats, and preserving indigenous plant species.

What are the environmental benefits of agroforestry?

Agroforestry helps mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide, improving air and water quality, reducing soil erosion, and enhancing overall ecosystem health.

How does Tally Solutions engage with local communities in Harihara Village?

Tally Solutions actively engages with local communities in Harihara Village through participatory tree planting activities, capacity building workshops, and collaborative partnerships with local organizations.

What is the long-term vision of Tally Solutions' CSR project?

The long-term vision of Tally Solutions' CSR project is to create sustainable agroforestry landscapes that benefit both the environment and local communities, ensuring a legacy of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

How does agroforestry contribute to climate resilience?

Agroforestry improves climate resilience by enhancing soil health, conserving water resources, and providing natural buffers against extreme weather events, helping communities adapt to climate change impacts.

What role does Tally Solutions play in promoting corporate citizenship?

Tally Solutions demonstrates corporate citizenship by investing in sustainable development initiatives like the agroforestry project, aligning business objectives with environmental and social responsibility goals.

How can individuals and organizations contribute to Tally Solutions' CSR efforts?

Individuals and organizations can support Tally Solutions' CSR efforts by participating in tree planting events, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for environmental conservation in their communities.

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