Surendra Singh -  Director

Passionate about combating the climate crisis and promoting sustainable practices for a greener future. As the Founder of Grow Billion Trees, I am part of a dedicated team in our mission to restore and preserve our planet through massive tree plantation initiatives.

With a strong background as an Indian Army Veteran, I bring discipline, leadership, and strategic thinking to our efforts. Leveraging my military experience, I drive impactful strategies, mobilize communities, and forge partnerships to make a tangible difference in our fight against environmental degradation.

I firmly believe that small actions can lead to significant transformations. By nurturing ecosystems, empowering local communities, and raising awareness, we can create a sustainable world for future generations. Join me in this crucial journey towards a healthier planet.


Bishambhar Dayal Sharma - Director

As the Founder of Grow Billion Trees, I am part of a passionate team dedicated to fighting environmental degradation through large-scale tree plantation initiatives. We are committed to fighting the climate crisis and driving sustainable practices for a better world. 

With a distinguished background as an Indian Army Veteran, I bring over 30 years of invaluable experience in managing complex supply chains, gained through my service in the military. Furthermore, I have spent the past decade honing my expertise in optimizing logistics and streamlining operations in the private sector.

I firmly believe that sustainable solutions require collective action and collaboration. By forging partnerships, leveraging my supply chain management expertise, and embracing innovative strategies, we can make a substantial impact in mitigating the climate crisis.


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