Grow Billion Trees Greeting Card

Greeting Card with Tree Plantation:

An e-greeting card is provided with each Tree(s) Plantation.

With each tree you plant through Grow Billion Trees, you have the unique opportunity to send personalised messages to your loved ones.

Our E-Greeting Cards allow you to express your deepest sentiments, whether it's a heartfelt message for a friend, a loving note for your family, or a token of appreciation for your colleagues.

Imagine the joy on their faces as they receive a beautifully designed e-card, adorned with images of the tree planted in their honor. Craft your own heartfelt message, conveying love, gratitude, or simply a warm hello.

Each card is a symbol of your commitment to fighting the climate crisis and a gesture that leaves a lasting impact.

Join us in creating a greener world while spreading love and connection. Plant trees and touch the hearts of your dear ones with our E-Greeting Cards. Together, let's sow the seeds of a sustainable future.

Visit our website today and start sending tree-inspired greetings!


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How do I access the E-Greeting Cards by Grow Billion Trees?

To access our E-Greeting Cards, simply visit our website and select the option for sending personalized messages when you plant a tree. It's a seamless process that allows you to spread joy and love while contributing to a greener planet.

Can I personalize the E-Greeting Cards with my own messages?

Absolutely! Our E-Greeting Cards are designed to be customizable. You can write your own heartfelt messages for your loved ones, friends, family, or colleagues. Express your emotions, share memories, or simply send warm wishes—it's all up to you!

What occasions are suitable for sending these E-Greeting Cards?

Our E-Greeting Cards are perfect for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, special days like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Festivals like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or simply to brighten someone's day. They serve as a meaningful gift that combines environmental consciousness with personal connection.

Can I include images in the E-Greeting Cards?

While our E-Greeting Cards come with pre-designed images of the planted tree, we currently do not support the inclusion of additional images. However, the beauty and significance of the planted tree will speak volumes in itself.

Are the E-Greeting Cards environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Our E-Greeting Cards are entirely digital, eliminating the need for paper and reducing carbon footprint. By opting for our eco-friendly solution, you're actively contributing to the preservation of our forests and the environment.

Are there different designs available for the E-Greeting Cards?

We offer a variety of beautifully designed templates for our E-Greeting Cards, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and occasion. From elegant and sophisticated to vibrant and cheerful, you'll find the perfect design to convey your message.

Are there any additional charges for the E-Greeting Cards?

No, there are no additional charges for the E-Greeting Cards. They are included as part of our tree planting service. Your contribution to planting trees automatically grants you access to our personalized E-Greeting Cards, spreading love and environmental awareness at no extra cost.