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Trees for Onam (20th - 31st Aug)

Trees for Onam (20th - 31st Aug)

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🌳 4ft Tree Planting + 3 Years Care + GeoTag
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What you get ?

Tree(s) Plantation

A tree(s) native to the region will be planted within 7 -10 days, and post-plantation monitoring will be thoroughly managed.

*You will receive an email/whatsapp notification immediately after the tree(s) plantation. or you can check the current status by logging into "My Account" anytime.

e-Greeting Card of Tree(s) Plantation for Gifting

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate an e-Greeting card for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

*Please generate it within 5 days of placing the order.

e-Certificate of Tree(s) Plantation

A e-certificate of Tree(s) Plantation with the project details will be issued in your name after tree(s) plantation.

*You can download it from "My Account".

Geotag of your Tree(s)

You can immediately track the live location of the project chosen for your tree(s) plantation, by logging into "My Account" or, by scanning the QR code on the certificate.

*You can see Your Name in respective Project/Forest.

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate an e-Greeting card for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

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By planting Trees for Onam, we extend the celebrations beyond personal joy to embrace a larger purpose: nurturing the Earth and securing a greener, healthier future for generations to come.


  • Enhancement of Biodiversity
  • Increase in Green Cover
  • Reduction of Man-Animal Conflict
  • Generation of Rural Employment
  • Improvement of Wildlife Habitats 

Tree Species:

The species of trees that are planted depend on the project, and they are chosen based on their native habitat in the corresponding ecological zone.

Why trees?

Tree plantation is essential for various reasons, including:

  1. Reducing greenhouse gases: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, thus reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  2. Preventing soil erosion: Trees help to stabilize the soil, reducing the risk of erosion, especially during heavy rains.

  3. Providing habitat for wildlife: Trees provide shelter and food for many animals and insects.

  4. Improving air quality: Trees absorb pollutants from the air, improving the quality of the air we breathe.

  5. Enhancing beauty: Trees can beautify landscapes and provide shade, making outdoor spaces more pleasant and enjoyable.

  6. Providing resources: Trees can provide us with essential resources such as timber, fruit, and non-timber forest products.

Social Impact:

The social impact of tree plantation can be significant, including:

  1. Job creation: Tree plantations can create employment opportunities, especially in rural areas.

  2. Improved health: Trees can enhance the quality of air and provide shade, leading to better health outcomes for local communities.

  3. Increased community involvement: Tree plantation can bring communities together and promote a sense of ownership and responsibility for the environment.

  4. Improved education: Tree plantation can be used as a tool for education, promoting awareness about the importance of trees and the environment.

  5. Enhanced quality of life: Trees can provide aesthetic, recreational, and environmental benefits, improving the overall quality of life in communities.

  6. Reduced poverty: Tree plantations can provide income-generating opportunities, such as the sale of timber and non-timber forest products, which can help to reduce poverty.

Onam Tree Plantation

Celebrate Onam with tree plantation initiatives. Learn how planting trees adds eco-friendliness to your festivities.

Onam Green Celebrations

Discover sustainable ways to celebrate Onam. Join tree planting efforts to make your festival eco-conscious.

Onam Pookalam and Tree Plantation

Explore the connection between Onam's floral art (Pookalam) and tree planting for a greener celebration.

Onam Tree Planting Campaigns

Participate in Onam tree planting campaigns. Find organizations promoting environmental awareness during the festival.

Onam Tradition and Trees

Learn how tree plantation aligns with Kerala's heritage during Onam. Embrace eco-friendly practices for a meaningful celebration.

  • Releases Oxygen

    A mature tree produces around 120 kilograms of oxygen per year, which is sufficient for one human per year.

  • Reduces Air Pollution

    A tree absorbs harmful gases like CO2, NO2 released by factories and vehicles, which can have serious health problems for us

  • Removes CO2

    A Tree removes 22 KGs of CO2 from atmosphere per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 realeased by a human in 10 days.

  • Cooling Effect

    A Tree generates cooling effect of around 10 room size ACs by providing shade and through a process of transpiration.

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Healthy planet

Contributing to a healthier planet

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My tree was planted quickly after I placed my order

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Beautiful Trees Planted

Impressed with the quality!

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Perfect for Creating a Sustainable Legacy

A lasting impact for future generations!

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Impressed with the results

Happy to see the trees planted and thriving.


What is Onam, and why is it celebrated?

Onam is a vibrant and culturally significant festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala. It marks the return of the mythical King Mahabali and signifies prosperity, unity, and the harvest season.

How is Onam traditionally celebrated?

Onam is celebrated with grand feasts, colorful flower carpets (Pookalam), traditional games, dance (Thiruvathira Kali), and cultural performances.

Why is Tree Plantation on Onam significant?

Tree Plantation on Onam holds immense significance as it aligns with the festival's essence of prosperity and environmental consciousness. Planting trees symbolizes the act of giving back to Mother Earth.

How does tree plantation on Onam benefit the environment?

Planting trees on Onam contributes to air purification, biodiversity conservation, and the mitigation of climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and provide habitats for various species.

What is the cultural significance of combining Onam with Tree Plantation?

Combining Onam with Tree Plantation embodies the traditional values of unity and sustainability. It reinforces the idea of living in harmony with nature, which is deeply rooted in Kerala's culture.

Are there any specific trees associated with Onam tree plantation?

While various trees can be planted on Onam, traditional choices include Banan, coconut trees, mango trees, and jackfruit trees, as they are native and hold cultural importance in Kerala.

How can individuals participate in Tree Plantation on Onam?

You can participate in Onam tree plantation drives organized by local communities or environmental organizations. Additionally, individuals can plant trees in their homes or communities.

What's the long-term impact of Tree Plantation on Onam?

The long-term impact is a greener, more sustainable Kerala. As these trees grow, they continue to benefit the environment, communities, and future generations, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Onam.