Top 10 NGOs in Delhi: Empowering Communities, Driving Change

Delhi, the dynamic capital of India, is renowned not only for its historic landmarks and bustling streets but also for the impactful endeavors of its Read more

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Top 10 NGOs in Delhi: Empowering Communities, Driving Change

Delhi, the dynamic capital of India, is renowned not only for its historic landmarks and bustling streets but also for the impactful endeavors of its Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in addressing a myriad of social challenges. These organizations, driven by a shared vision of societal betterment, tirelessly work across various domains, molding the city's social fabric and fostering positive change.

From education and healthcare to women's empowerment and environmental sustainability, these NGOs play a multifaceted role, addressing pressing issues and uplifting marginalized communities. Their endeavors not only alleviate immediate hardships but also pave the way for long-term transformation, enriching the lives of countless individuals and families across Delhi.

Here's an expanded and comprehensive guide to the top 10 NGOs in Delhi:

Teach For India: Dedicated to providing quality education to underprivileged children, Teach For India recruits and trains young professionals to teach in low-income schools, significantly impacting the educational landscape of Delhi. Through innovative teaching methods and mentorship programs, they strive to bridge the gap in educational opportunities and empower the next generation.

Mumbai Mobile Creches: Focused on the welfare of children living on construction sites, Mumbai Mobile Creches provides daycare facilities, education, and healthcare services, ensuring a brighter future for the city's most vulnerable population. By offering a safe and nurturing environment, they enable these children to access education and essential healthcare services, breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Pratham: With innovative educational programs like Read India and ASER, Pratham works tirelessly to enhance literacy and numeracy among marginalized children in Delhi, setting a benchmark for educational reform. Through community-based learning initiatives and teacher training programs, they empower children with foundational skills, paving the way for their academic success and socio-economic mobility.

Mumbai Smiles: Committed to holistic community development, Mumbai Smiles operates various projects in healthcare, education, and livelihood enhancement, empowering vulnerable communities to break the cycle of poverty and lead dignified lives. By addressing the root causes of social inequities and providing access to essential services, they enable individuals and families to build sustainable livelihoods and improve their overall well-being.

Project Mumbai: A citizen-driven initiative, Project Mumbai tackles pressing urban issues such as waste management and environmental sustainability, fostering civic responsibility among Delhi residents and driving positive change. Through community-led initiatives and awareness campaigns, they mobilize citizens to take proactive steps towards creating a cleaner and greener city, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all.

Akanksha Foundation: Renowned for its holistic approach to education and life-skills development, Akanksha Foundation runs schools and centers that cater to the academic and personal growth of children from low-income communities across Delhi. By providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment, they equip children with essential life skills and empower them to realize their full potential, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Magic Bus: Utilizing sports as a catalyst for social change, Magic Bus engages with children and youth from underserved areas, imparting life skills and empowering them to break out of poverty and reach their full potential. Through sports-based mentoring programs and leadership workshops, they instill values of teamwork, resilience, and self-confidence, enabling young people to overcome adversity and pursue their aspirations.

CRY (Child Rights and You): Advocating for the rights of marginalized children, CRY collaborates with grassroots-level NGOs to ensure access to healthcare, education, and protection from exploitation and abuse, significantly impacting the lives of Delhi's children. By raising awareness, lobbying for policy change, and providing direct support to vulnerable children and families, they strive to create a protective environment where every child can thrive.

St. Jude India ChildCare Centres: Providing free accommodation and support services to children undergoing cancer treatment and their families, St. Jude India ChildCare Centres alleviate the financial and emotional burden of medical care, offering solace to those in need. By offering a home away from home and access to quality healthcare services, they ensure that children battling cancer receive the care and support they need to heal and recover.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation: Addressing the issue of hunger and malnutrition, especially among school-going children, Akshaya Patra serves nutritious mid-day meals in Delhi schools, promoting regular attendance and academic performance among students. By addressing hunger as a barrier to education, they enhance children's access to learning opportunities and contribute to their overall health and well-being.

In addition to these exemplary NGOs, there's also Growbilliontrees, a platform that collaborates with NGOs in Delhi, offering technology, knowledge, and tools to optimize, organize, and audit their activities. By leveraging technology and expertise, Growbilliontrees enhances the impact of NGO efforts, facilitating greater efficiency and transparency in community empowerment initiatives.

Together, these NGOs and supporting platforms are instrumental in fostering a more inclusive and equitable society in Delhi. Their tireless efforts, driven by compassion and commitment, serve as beacons of hope, inspiring collective action and fostering positive change among the city's residents.


Non-profit organizations dedicated to social welfare, empowering communities through various initiatives ranging from education to healthcare. NGOs in Delhi play a vital role in bridging gaps and addressing societal issues, fostering a sense of unity and progress.

Community Development

Focusing on upliftment at the grassroots level, community development initiatives by NGOs aim to empower individuals and groups, fostering self-sufficiency and sustainable growth within localities. Through skill development, education, and advocacy, these programs create a ripple effect of positive change.

Education Outreach

Education is the cornerstone of progress, and NGOs in Delhi are at the forefront of ensuring access to quality education for all. From running schools and tuition centers to providing scholarships and vocational training, these organizations are shaping a brighter future for the youth.

Healthcare Initiatives

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right, yet many communities in Delhi face barriers to medical services. NGOs work tirelessly to bridge this gap, offering medical camps, awareness programs, and support for vulnerable populations, ultimately promoting healthier lifestyles and well-being.

Environmental Sustainability

With Delhi grappling with pollution and environmental degradation, NGOs are championing initiatives for sustainability and conservation. From tree plantation drives to waste management projects, these efforts aim to create a greener, cleaner city for generations to come.

Women Empowerment

Gender equality and women's empowerment are central to creating a more inclusive society. NGOs in Delhi run programs focused on women's rights, economic empowerment, and skill-building, enabling women to break barriers and become agents of change in their communities.

Child Welfare

Protecting the rights and well-being of children is paramount, and NGOs in Delhi are dedicated to this cause. From providing shelter and education to advocating for child rights and protection, these organizations strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for every child.

Poverty Alleviation

Poverty is a pervasive issue in Delhi, and NGOs are working towards its alleviation through various means such as livelihood programs, microfinance initiatives, and community empowerment projects. By addressing the root causes of poverty, these organizations aim to create pathways to economic independence.

Disability Support

Ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for persons with disabilities is a key focus area for NGOs in Delhi. Through awareness campaigns, assistive technology provision, and advocacy for disability rights, these organizations strive to create a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive.

Elderly Care

As the population ages, the need for elderly care and support services grows. NGOs in Delhi provide assistance to the elderly through initiatives such as healthcare programs, senior citizen centers, and social engagement activities, ensuring their dignity and well-being in their golden years.

Human Rights Advocacy

Upholding human rights principles is essential for a just and equitable society. NGOs in Delhi engage in advocacy and activism to raise awareness about human rights issues, provide legal aid to marginalized communities, and hold authorities accountable for human rights violations.

Skill Development

Equipping individuals with relevant skills and training is crucial for their socio-economic empowerment. NGOs in Delhi offer skill development programs in various fields such as vocational training, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy, empowering individuals to secure better livelihood opportunities.

Rural Development

While Delhi is a bustling metropolis, rural areas surrounding the city often lack access to basic amenities and opportunities. NGOs undertake rural development initiatives such as infrastructure development, agricultural support, and community capacity building to uplift these areas.

Youth Engagement

Engaging the youth in constructive activities and opportunities is essential for their development and the overall well-being of society. NGOs in Delhi organize youth-centric programs such as leadership training, career guidance, and civic engagement initiatives, nurturing the next generation of changemakers.

Mental Health Support

Mental health issues are on the rise in Delhi, yet there is a significant stigma surrounding seeking help. NGOs provide mental health support services such as counseling, awareness campaigns, and community support groups, aiming to break down barriers and promote mental well-being.


What is's mission? is dedicated to empowering communities and driving positive change through environmental conservation and sustainable development efforts. Our mission is to foster a greener, healthier future for all.

How does empower communities in Delhi?

In Delhi, empowers communities by actively involving them in tree planting initiatives, providing environmental education, and creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. Through these efforts, we aim to build a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the environment.

What specific projects does undertake in Delhi? undertakes various projects in Delhi, including urban afforestation, biodiversity conservation, and initiatives to promote eco-friendly practices. These projects are designed to address local environmental challenges and create lasting positive impacts.

How does ensure transparency and accountability?

Transparency and accountability are fundamental values at We ensure transparency through regular reporting on our activities and finances. Additionally, we engage stakeholders in decision-making processes to foster trust and accountability.

Can individuals or groups get involved with's initiatives in Delhi?

Yes, individuals and groups are encouraged to participate in's initiatives in Delhi. Whether through volunteering for tree planting events, joining awareness campaigns, or contributing expertise, everyone can play a role in creating a greener Delhi.

What impact has made in Delhi so far? has made significant strides in Delhi, including planting thousands of trees, restoring degraded ecosystems, and raising awareness about environmental issues. These efforts have led to tangible improvements in local green spaces and community engagement.

How does measure the success of its initiatives in Delhi?

Success is measured through various metrics, including the number of trees planted, hectares of land restored, and levels of community engagement. Additionally, we assess the long-term impact of our initiatives on the environment and local communities.

Is collaborating with government agencies or other NGOs in Delhi?

Yes, collaboration is key to our success in Delhi. We work closely with government agencies, other NGOs, and local communities to leverage resources, share expertise, and maximize our collective impact on environmental conservation.

What long-term goals does aim to achieve in Delhi?

Our long-term goals in Delhi include expanding green cover, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. We aspire to create a lasting legacy of a healthier, more resilient city for future generations.

How can individuals support's initiatives in Delhi?

Individuals can support our initiatives in Delhi by volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness about our work. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps us in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable Delhi.

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