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Memory Garden - 11 Trees for Valentine’s Day

Memory Garden - 11 Trees for Valentine’s Day

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What you get ?

Tree(s) Plantation

A tree(s) native to the region will be planted within 7 -10 days, and post-plantation monitoring will be thoroughly managed.

*You will receive an email/whatsapp notification immediately after the tree(s) plantation. or you can check the current status by logging into "My Account" anytime.

Personalized e-Greeting Card of Tree(s) Plantation

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate a Personalized e-Greeting card with Photo for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

*Please generate it within 5 days of placing the order.

Personalized e-Certificate of Tree(s) Plantation

A Personalized e-certificate with photo, of Tree(s) Plantation with the project details will be issued in your name after tree(s) plantation.

*You can download it from "My Account".

Geotag of your Tree(s)

You can immediately track the live location of the project chosen for your tree(s) plantation, by logging into "My Account" or, by scanning the QR code on the certificate.

*You can see Your Name in respective Project/Forest.

Free Gift Vouchers

As soon as you place your order, no-condition Gift Vouchers from our partner brands supporting this cause will be issued to you.

*Please find your no-condition Gift Vouchers by logging into "My Account".

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate an e-Greeting card for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

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Create an everlasting love story with our Memory Garden - 11 Trees for Valentine’s Day. Plant the seeds of your love together, nurturing not just one, but eleven trees that will grow alongside your relationship.

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 Receive a special tree certificate adorned with a cherished photo of the two of you, capturing the essence of your commitment. Each tree represents a year of love, growth, and shared memories. Embrace the power of nature to symbolize the strength of your bond. Let your love blossom in our Memory Garden this Valentine's Day, where every tree tells a tale of your enduring and beautiful journey together.



  • Enhancement of Biodiversity
  • Increase in Green Cover
  • Reduction of Man-Animal Conflict
  • Generation of Rural Employment
  • Improvement of Wildlife Habitats 


  1. Tree Planting in a Grove: With each purchase, 11 trees will be planted in a designated location, helping to combat climate change and promote biodiversity. You'll receive a certificate commemorating the tree planting and location details.

  2. Customizable Photo Certificate: Personalize your certificate with photos of yourself and your loved one(s) to create a unique and meaningful keepsake. Choose your favorite images to be prominently displayed on the certificate, adding a personal touch and preserving cherished memories.

  3. Environmental Impact: By choosing our product, you're not only celebrating love but also making a positive impact on the environment. Trees play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide, purifying the air, and providing habitat for wildlife.

  4. Memorable Gift: Surprise your partner, family member, or friend with a gift that embodies love, sustainability, and thoughtfulness. Our Valentine's Day Tree Planting and Customizable Photo Certificate is a memorable way to express your affection and admiration.

  5. Easy Ordering and Delivery: Ordering is simple and hassle-free. Just select your preferred tree species, upload your photos, and provide the recipient's details. Your personalized certificate and tree planting confirmation will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Tree Species:

The species of trees that are planted depend on the project, and they are chosen based on their native habitat in the corresponding ecological zone.

For this product, we would plant 11 different tree varieties at the same location.

Why trees?

Planting 11 trees for Valentine's Day in Memory Garden is a meaningful and thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation for your partner. It also has several benefits:

  • It creates a lasting legacy, representing the growth and strength of your relationship
  • It promotes environmental awareness and helps to create a greener and healthier planet for future generations
  • It is a tangible way to say "I love you" and express your gratitude
  • It can be a special way to celebrate a milestone in your relationship, such as an anniversary.

Overall, planting 11 trees for Valentine's Day in Memory Garden is a unique and meaningful way to show your love and appreciation for your partner and make a positive impact on the environment.

Social Impact:

Planting 11 trees for Valentine's Day in Memory Garden can have a significant social impact by promoting environmental awareness and encouraging others to take action to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Trees play a vital role in our environment by absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, and providing a habitat for wildlife. They also help to reduce air pollution, improve soil health, and prevent soil erosion.

By Planting 11 trees for Valentine's Day in Memory Garden, you are not only expressing your love for your partner, but you are also making a positive impact on the environment and the community.

It can inspire others to take action and make a difference in the environment. It can also promote the idea of sustainable living and encourage people to take more actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Additionally, it can also be a way of community building and social cohesion. Planting a tree can bring people together to work towards a common goal, and it can help to create a sense of community ownership and pride in the shared environment.

In summary, Planting 11 trees for Valentine's Day in Memory Garden has a positive impact on the environment and helps to promote sustainable living and community engagement. It can inspire others to take action to protect and preserve our natural resources and make a positive impact on the environment. 

Valentine’s Day Tree Planting Experience

Immerse yourself in a unique Valentine’s Day Tree Planting Experience with Memory Garden - 11 Trees. Plant and nurture eleven trees together, creating lasting memories. Our customized certificates and greeting cards capture the essence of your commitment and love for each other and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Gift with Trees

Discover the perfect eco-friendly Valentine’s gift with Memory Garden - 11 Trees. This unique package allows you to plant eleven trees on Valentine's Day, symbolizing your enduring love. The customized certificate and greeting card add a personal touch to your commitment and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Love with Memory Garden

Embark on a journey of sustainable love with Memory Garden - 11 Trees on Valentine's Day. Plant eleven trees together, and receive a personalized certificate and greeting card. This eco-friendly experience is a powerful symbol of your commitment to each other and the planet.

Valentine’s Day Tree Planting Gift

Surprise your loved one with a meaningful Valentine’s Day Tree Planting Gift – Memory Garden. Plant eleven trees together and receive a customized certificate and greeting card. It’s a unique and sustainable way to express your love and make a positive impact on the environment.

Green Valentine’s Celebration

Elevate your Valentine’s celebration with Memory Garden - 11 Trees. Plant trees together, receive a personalized certificate and greeting card, and create memories that last a lifetime. This green and sustainable experience is a beautiful way to celebrate love and contribute to a healthier planet.

Symbolic Tree Planting on Valentine’s Day

Experience a symbolic tree planting on Valentine’s Day with Memory Garden - 11 Trees. Plant eleven trees together, symbolizing the growth of your love. The customized certificate and greeting card capture the essence of the moment, making it a unique and heartfelt way to celebrate your relationship.

Create Your Forest

How to create a Forest?

One tree at a time.

  • You can create your own forest by planting trees with your family and friends on every important event or milestone in your life.
  • You can plant a tree on your birthday, anniversary, promotion
  • You can plant a tree on festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Eid and New Year to wish your friends and family
  • Releases Oxygen

    A mature tree produces around 120 kilograms of oxygen per year, which is sufficient for one human per year.

  • Reduces Air Pollution

    A tree absorbs harmful gases like CO2, NO2 released by factories and vehicles, which can have serious health problems for us

  • Removes CO2

    A Tree removes 22 KGs of CO2 from atmosphere per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 realeased by a human in 10 days.

  • Cooling Effect

    A Tree generates cooling effect of around 10 room size ACs by providing shade and through a process of transpiration.

Customer Reviews

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Sunil Kumar Yadav
Healthy earth

Contributing to a healthier earth

Green is the new black

My order helps support the environment

Sunita Sharma
Making a difference

Contributing to a better future for our planet

Ameeta Ameeta
Excellent for Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Li

Investing in a greener and more equitable agricultural system for all!

sarkar Jayashree
Great experience

Planting a tree through this website was a great experience


What does Memory Garden - 11 Trees on Valentine’s Day include?

Memory Garden involves planting eleven trees on your behalf on Valentine’s Day. It includes a customized tree certificate and a special greeting card to capture the essence of your love-filled moment.

How do I participate in Memory Garden?

To join Memory Garden, simply purchase the package. Afterward, you'll receive confirmation, and our team will handle the tree planting process, sending you details about the planted trees along with your personalized certificate.

What information is included in the customized tree certificate?

The customized tree certificate features your names, the date of planting, and details about the eleven trees. It serves as a unique and lasting testament to your commitment and the positive environmental impact.

Can I customize the message on the tree certificate?

Certainly! You can include a personalized message or select from our range of heartfelt messages, making the certificate a truly personal and cherished keepsake.

What is included in the accompanying greeting card?

The greeting card complements the Memory Garden experience with a thoughtful message. It adds an extra touch of warmth to your contribution to environmental sustainability.

Can I send Memory Garden as a gift?

Absolutely! Memory Garden makes for a wonderful and meaningful gift. Purchase it as a gift, provide the recipient's details, and share the joy of planting trees and fostering lasting memories.

How will I know when and where the trees are planted?

Following the tree planting, you'll receive a confirmation email detailing the location and species of the eleven trees. This ensures transparency and allows you to connect with the impact of your thoughtful gesture.

Can I request specific types of trees for Memory Garden?

While we typically choose native and resilient trees, if you have specific preferences or considerations, feel free to reach out to our team. We'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

Are updates on tree growth provided over time?

Yes, as part of our commitment to your Memory Garden experience, we provide yearly updates on the growth and well-being of the eleven trees you've contributed to planting.

How does Memory Garden contribute to sustainability?

Memory Garden is not just a celebration of love but a commitment to environmental sustainability. The trees planted help combat climate change, improve air quality, and contribute to the overall health of our planet.

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