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Trees for Baby Shower

Trees for Baby Shower

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🌳 4ft Tree Planting + 3 Years Care + GeoTag + NFT
Select trees for your forest

Hint: 100 Trees to Wish for 100 Years of Life
21 Trees for the Blessing of new life
1 Tree as a blessing from each guest

What you get ?

Tree(s) Plantation

A tree(s) native to the region will be planted within 7 -10 days, and post-plantation monitoring will be thoroughly managed.

*You will receive an email/whatsapp notification immediately after the tree(s) plantation. or you can check the current status by logging into "My Account" anytime.

e-Greeting Card of Tree(s) Plantation for Gifting

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate an e-Greeting card for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

*Please generate it within 5 days of placing the order.

e-Certificate of Tree(s) Plantation

A e-certificate of Tree(s) Plantation with the project details will be issued in your name after tree(s) plantation.

*You can download it from "My Account".

Geotag of your Tree(s)

You can immediately track the live location of the project chosen for your tree(s) plantation, by logging into "My Account" or, by scanning the QR code on the certificate.

*You can see Your Name in respective Project/Forest.

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate an e-Greeting card for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

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Celebrating your new arrival with a baby shower can be even more special if you include an eco-friendly activity, such as planting trees. Not only will you be making a positive impact on the planet, but you'll also be creating lasting memories and inspiring others to take care of our environment.

Imagine the joy of looking back on your baby shower and knowing that you helped contribute to a greener future.


  • Enhancement of Biodiversity
  • Increase in Green Cover
  • Reduction of Man-Animal Conflict
  • Generation of Rural Employment
  • Improvement of Wildlife Habitats 

Tree Species:

The species of trees that are planted depend on the project, and they are chosen based on their native habitat in the corresponding ecological zone.

Why trees?

As you prepare for your little one's arrival, consider incorporating an eco-friendly activity into your baby shower celebration. Planting trees is a positive and meaningful way to honor the occasion and make a difference in the world.

Trees offer numerous benefits, including improving air quality, providing habitat for wildlife, reducing erosion, and combating climate change. They also have the ability to improve mental health, beautify landscapes, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

By planting trees, you can help offset carbon emissions, promote sustainability, and protect the environment for future generations. Plus, this activity can encourage community involvement and create opportunities for education and learning about the environment.

Whether you plant a tree in your own yard or donate to a tree-planting organization, this is a sustainable and impactful way to celebrate your new arrival and the arrival of your little one.

Social Impact:

Tree planting on the occasion of a baby shower can have a number of social and community benefits. Some of the ways in which tree planting can positively impact the community include:

  1. Encouraging community involvement: Planting trees as a community activity can bring people together and promote social connections.

  2. Fostering a sense of belonging: Participating in a tree-planting event can help to build a sense of ownership and pride in the community.

  3. Promoting education and awareness: Tree planting can provide an opportunity for education and learn about the environment, raising awareness about the importance of trees and the role they play in the health and well-being of the planet.

  4. Inspiring positive change: By planting trees and sharing the experience with others, you can inspire others to take action and make a positive impact on the environment. This can have a ripple effect, promoting sustainability and positive change in the community and beyond.

Overall, tree planting on the occasion of a baby shower can be a meaningful and impactful way to celebrate and make a positive contribution to the community and the environment.

Baby Shower Tree Planting

Celebrate the arrival of a new baby by planting a tree in their honor, creating a lasting memory and a gift that grows with them.

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Host an eco-friendly baby shower and encourage guests to bring a tree instead of traditional gifts, promoting sustainability and environmental conservation.

Personalized Tree Gift

Gift a personalized tree to the parents-to-be, complete with a custom tag or plaque commemorating the baby's birth and symbolizing their growth and potential.

Tree Planting Activity

Host a tree planting activity at the baby shower, bringing guests together and creating a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the new arrival.

Native Trees for Baby Shower

Plant native trees at the baby shower to support local ecosystems and wildlife, while also creating a beautiful and natural backdrop for the celebration.

Tree Favor for Guests

Provide guests with a small tree to take home as a party favor, encouraging them to plant and nurture the tree in honor of the new baby.

Baby's First Tree

Gift the new parents with a "baby's first tree kit," complete with all the tools and instructions needed to plant and care for a young tree.

Gender-Reveal Tree Planting

Use tree planting as a fun and eco-friendly way to reveal the gender of the baby, with pink or blue ribbons tied around the tree's branches.

DIY Tree Decor

Create DIY tree-themed decor for the baby shower, such as tree centerpieces, tree-shaped balloons, or tree-inspired cake toppers.

Adopt a Tree

Give guests the opportunity to "adopt" a tree in honor of the new baby, providing ongoing support for environmental conservation efforts.

Tree Planting in Baby's Name

Plant a tree in the baby's name at a local park or nature preserve, creating a lasting legacy and promoting environmental conservation.

Baby Shower Tree Potting

Create a fun and interactive activity by having guests pot small trees to take home and plant, encouraging them to continue to grow the tree in honor of the baby.

Baby Shower Tree Photo Booth

Set up a tree-themed photo booth for guests to take pictures with tree props, creating fun and memorable moments at the baby shower.

Tree-Planting Game

Create a game around tree planting, such as a tree trivia quiz or a tree-identification scavenger hunt, adding an element of fun and education to the baby shower.

Tree-Planting Guestbook

Create a unique guestbook by having guests write messages on leaves or seed packets that will be used to plant a tree in honor of the baby.

Baby Shower Tree Dedication

Dedicate a tree planted at the baby shower to the new baby, creating a special and meaningful connection between the child and nature.

Baby Shower Tree Topper

Use a small potted tree as a unique and eco-friendly alternative to a traditional cake topper, creating a beautiful and memorable centerpiece.

Baby Shower Tree Storytelling

Share stories and legends about trees at the baby shower, inspiring a love and appreciation for nature in both the new parents and their guests.

Tree-Planting Charitable Donation

Donate to a tree-planting charity in honor of the new baby, promoting environmental conservation and sustainability.

Tree Planting Wish Tree

Create a wish tree at the baby shower, where guests can write their hopes and dreams for the new baby on tree-shaped cards that will be hung on the tree.

  • Releases Oxygen

    A mature tree produces around 120 kilograms of oxygen per year, which is sufficient for one human per year.

  • Reduces Air Pollution

    A tree absorbs harmful gases like CO2, NO2 released by factories and vehicles, which can have serious health problems for us

  • Removes CO2

    A Tree removes 22 KGs of CO2 from atmosphere per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 realeased by a human in 10 days.

  • Cooling Effect

    A Tree generates cooling effect of around 10 room size ACs by providing shade and through a process of transpiration.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Darlong
Planting trees for a sustainable world

Thrilled to be a part of creating a greener planet

Alakananda Chatterjee
Thrilled with My Tree's Positive Impact on Green Spaces!

Supporting more vibrant and sustainable green spaces for all!

Varsha Rahul Patle
Healthy trees

The trees arrived in great condition

Thank you for being an essential part of this green journey. Together, we are creating a healthier, greener world for generations to come.

A tree for every occasion

Ordered trees for my wedding and they were a hit

We are incredibly grateful for your participation in our Grow Billion Trees initiative. Your commitment to planting and nurturing trees with us is making a significant impact on our environment and our planet's future

Rooturaj Pattanaik
Simple and meaningful

Planting a tree is a small action with big impact.


What is Trees for Baby Shower?

Planting trees for a baby shower is a symbolic gesture of giving the gift of life to the newborn. Just as a tree grows and flourishes over time, so will the child grow and thrive with love and care.

How many trees should be planted for a baby shower?

The number of trees to be planted for a baby shower depends on the preference of the parents or the host. Some choose to plant one tree for each guest, while others plant a tree for each year of the baby's life.

What types of trees are suitable for a baby shower?

Any type of tree can be planted for a baby shower, but it is best to choose a tree that is native to the area and easy to care for.

Who can participate in Trees for Baby Shower?

Anyone who is invited to the baby shower can participate in Trees for Baby Shower. It is a great way for family and friends to come together and celebrate the arrival of a new life.

How do I organize a Trees for Baby Shower?

Organizing a Trees for Baby Shower is easy. Contact a local tree planting organization or nursery and arrange for the delivery of the trees. Make sure to have shovels, gloves, and watering cans available for the planting.

Can Trees for Baby Shower be held indoors?

Trees for Baby Shower is best held outdoors where the trees can be planted in the ground. However, if outdoor space is limited, trees can be planted in pots or containers.

Is Trees for Baby Shower an eco-friendly activity?

Yes, Trees for Baby Shower is an eco-friendly activity that promotes the health and well-being of the environment.

How can I make Trees for Baby Shower more meaningful?

To make Trees for Baby Shower more meaningful, consider having each guest write a message or wish for the baby on a small card and attach it to the tree they plant.

Can I plant a tree for a baby who has already been born?

Yes, you can plant a tree for a baby who has already been born. Trees for Baby Shower can also be held as a way to celebrate a child's first birthday.

How do I care for the trees after they are planted?

Caring for the trees after they are planted is important. Make sure to water the trees regularly and provide them with the necessary nutrients to help them grow.

Can Trees for Baby Shower be held in any season?

Yes, Trees for Baby Shower can be held in any season. However, it is best to plant trees during the spring or fall when the weather is mild.

How can Trees for Baby Shower benefit the environment?

Trees for Baby Shower can benefit the environment by providing a natural habitat for wildlife, improving air quality, and reducing carbon emissions.

Can Trees for Baby Shower be held as a community event?

Yes, Trees for Baby Shower can be held as a community event. It is a great way to bring people together and promote environmental awareness.

How can I involve children in Trees for Baby Shower?

Involving children in Trees for Baby Shower is a great way to teach them about the importance of caring for the environment. Children can help with planting and watering the trees.

How much does it cost to plant a tree on Baby Shower?

The cost of planting a tree start at Rs 99. It can vary depending on the tree species, size, and where it is located.

Can I personalize the tree?

Yes, you can personalize the gift of a tree via a certificate and a personalized greeting card with the gift.

Can I choose where the tree is planted?

No, tree plantation happens in bulk in forest with capacity of 10,000 or more plants. location is chosen based availability.