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Trees for Doctor's Day (1nd Jul)

Trees for Doctor's Day (1nd Jul)

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🌳 4ft Tree Planting + 3 Years Care + GeoTag
Select trees for your forest

Hint: 1 Tree for each Doctor important in your life
1 Tree for each Super Hero's in your life

What you get ?

Tree(s) Plantation

A tree(s) native to the region will be planted within 7 -10 days, and post-plantation monitoring will be thoroughly managed.

*You will receive an email/whatsapp notification immediately after the tree(s) plantation. or you can check the current status by logging into "My Account" anytime.

e-Greeting Card of Tree(s) Plantation for Gifting

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate an e-Greeting card for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

*Please generate it within 5 days of placing the order.

e-Certificate of Tree(s) Plantation

A e-certificate of Tree(s) Plantation with the project details will be issued in your name after tree(s) plantation.

*You can download it from "My Account".

Geotag of your Tree(s)

You can immediately track the live location of the project chosen for your tree(s) plantation, by logging into "My Account" or, by scanning the QR code on the certificate.

*You can see Your Name in respective Project/Forest.

If you want to gift these tree(s) to your loved ones, You can generate an e-Greeting card for tree(s) plantation by logging into "My Account" after placing order.

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Planting trees on Doctor's Day expresses gratitude for doctors while addressing environmental concerns. It fosters community engagement and raises awareness about sustainable healthcare.

By planting trees, we create tangible benefits such as improved air quality and urban beautification. It also symbolizes the interconnection between human health and the environment. This act has the potential to inspire and create a lasting social impact, promoting a healthier, greener future for both doctors and society as a whole.

The Indian Government officially declared National Doctor's Day date as July 1 in 1991. The decision was made in order to celebrate the birth anniversary Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, a renowned physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.


  • Enhancement of Biodiversity
  • Increase in Green Cover
  • Generation of Rural Employment
  • Improvement of Wildlife Habitats 

Tree Species:

The species of trees that are planted depend on the project, and they are chosen based on their native habitat in the corresponding ecological zone.

Why trees?

Planting trees on Doctor's Day can be a symbolic gesture to honor and appreciate the contribution of doctors to society. While Doctor's Day primarily focuses on recognizing and expressing gratitude to healthcare professionals, planting trees on this occasion can serve multiple purposes:

  • Environmental Benefits: Trees play a crucial role in purifying the air, mitigating climate change, and maintaining ecological balance. By planting trees, we contribute to creating a healthier environment, which indirectly supports the well-being of both doctors and patients.
  • Stress Relief: Doctors often experience high levels of stress due to the demanding nature of their profession. Planting trees and spending time in nature have been proven to have a calming effect, reduce stress, and improve mental well-being. By providing doctors with green spaces, we can help create a more nurturing and healing environment for them.
  • Symbolic Representation: Trees are often seen as symbols of life, growth, and healing. By planting trees on Doctor's Day, we acknowledge the healing power of doctors and the positive impact they have on the lives of patients. Trees can serve as a reminder of the connection between nature, health, and the noble profession of medicine.
  • Sustainable Healthcare: Planting trees aligns with the concept of sustainable healthcare. It highlights the importance of addressing not only immediate healthcare needs but also long-term environmental sustainability. By promoting a greener healthcare system, we contribute to the overall well-being of communities and future generations.
  • Community Engagement: Planting trees can be a community-driven activity involving healthcare organizations, doctors, patients, and the general public. It promotes a sense of unity and collaboration, allowing people to actively participate in the celebration of Doctor's Day while making a positive impact on the environment.

It's important to note that while planting trees is a meaningful gesture, supporting doctors and healthcare professionals goes beyond a single day. We should continuously recognize their efforts, advocate for their well-being, and work towards building a sustainable healthcare system.

Social Impact:

Planting trees on Doctor's Day can have several social impacts:

  • Awareness and Education: Planting trees on Doctor's Day can serve as a platform for raising awareness about environmental issues and the importance of sustainable practices. It provides an opportunity to educate the public about the benefits of trees, the impact of deforestation, and the role of individuals in environmental conservation. This can lead to increased environmental consciousness and encourage people to adopt more eco-friendly behaviors.
  • Health and Well-being: Trees have numerous health benefits. They improve air quality by absorbing pollutants, release oxygen, and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. Planting trees on Doctor's Day can help promote a healthier environment, which directly impacts the well-being of communities. It also emphasizes the link between environmental health and human health, encouraging individuals to prioritize both.

Overall, planting trees on Doctor's Day has the potential to create a lasting social impact by fostering community engagement, raising awareness, improving health, enhancing urban spaces, promoting sustainability, and inspiring positive change.

Tree planting on Doctor's Day

Embrace the tradition of tree planting on Doctor's Day to honor healthcare professionals and contribute to a greener future. Planting trees symbolizes growth, healing, and gratitude towards doctors who make a positive impact on our lives.

Green tribute for doctors

Pay a green tribute to doctors by engaging in eco-friendly activities on Doctor's Day. From planting trees to supporting sustainable healthcare practices, let's show our appreciation for their tireless efforts while promoting environmental consciousness.

Sustainable gratitude to healthcare professionals

Express sustainable gratitude to healthcare professionals on Doctor's Day by adopting eco-friendly ways to appreciate their service. Consider eco-conscious gifts or acts of kindness that align with their commitment to care for both people and the planet.

Environmental celebration for doctors

Turn Doctor's Day into an environmental celebration by organizing events that raise awareness about the crucial role doctors play in protecting public health and the environment. Highlight the intersection of healthcare and environmental sustainability for a healthier future.

Tree gifts for Doctor's Day

Consider tree gifts as a meaningful gesture on Doctor's Day, symbolizing appreciation for doctors and their dedication to healing. These living gifts not only convey gratitude but also contribute to a greener world, nurturing the bond between doctors, nature, and well-being.

  • Releases Oxygen

    A mature tree produces around 120 kilograms of oxygen per year, which is sufficient for one human per year.

  • Reduces Air Pollution

    A tree absorbs harmful gases like CO2, NO2 released by factories and vehicles, which can have serious health problems for us

  • Removes CO2

    A Tree removes 22 KGs of CO2 from atmosphere per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 realeased by a human in 10 days.

  • Cooling Effect

    A Tree generates cooling effect of around 10 room size ACs by providing shade and through a process of transpiration.

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Great selection

So many great trees to choose from

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High-quality trees

The quality of the trees is impressive

Perfect garden addition

The trees were a perfect addition to our garden

Zosangpuii hnauhnar
Perfect customer experience

Had a perfect customer experience

Arun Kumar
A little bit of green goes a long way

Thrilled to be doing my part for the environment


When is Doctor's Day celebrated in India?

Doctor's Day is celebrated in India on July 1st every year to honor the contributions and achievements of medical professionals. It is a day to express gratitude and appreciation for their tireless efforts in saving lives and promoting well-being.

Why do we celebrate Doctor's Day in India?

The Indian Government officially declared National Doctor's Day date as July 1 in 1991. The decision was made in order to celebrate the birth anniversary Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, a renowned physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.

How can I show appreciation to doctors on Doctor's Day?

You can show appreciation to doctors on Doctor's Day by sending heartfelt messages, cards, or gifts to express your gratitude. Sharing personal stories of how a doctor has made a positive impact in your life can also be a meaningful way to show appreciation.

What are tree gifts and why are they a meaningful gesture on Doctor's Day?

Tree gifts are trees planted for your doctor, that can be given as a token of appreciation on Doctor's Day. They symbolize growth, life, and the nurturing qualities associated with doctors. Tree gifts convey a lasting and sustainable expression of gratitude, making them meaningful gestures.

What is the significance of tree plantation on Doctor's Day in India?

Tree plantation on Doctor's Day holds great significance as it symbolizes the connection between doctors and the environment. Just as doctors strive to heal and nurture, trees provide vital benefits for our well-being and the planet. Planting trees on this day is a way to express gratitude to doctors and contribute to a healthier environment.

How can I participate in tree plantation activities on Doctor's Day?

To participate in tree plantation activities on Doctor's Day, you can join local environmental organizations, hospitals, or community groups organizing such initiatives. They often conduct tree planting drives in public spaces, parks, or schools. You can also organize a tree plantation event in your neighborhood or plant a tree in your own backyard.