Surendra Awana - Tree Man of Rajasthan: A Green Crusader's Remarkable Journey

Surendra Awana - Tree Man of Rajasthan: A Green Crusader's Remarkable Journey

Surendra Awana, a progressive farmer hailing from the arid landscapes of Rajasthan, has etched his name in the annals of environmental conservation. Awarded nine times by the Government of India, Awana has achieved a remarkable feat – planting one lakh trees over the past 13 years, a pledge he made to plant at least one tree every day.

This extraordinary accomplishment was celebrated in the presence of notable dignitaries, including the former Vice Chancellor of Shri Karna Narendra Agricultural University, JS Sandhu, Director of Cow Husbandry Department, Dr. Praveen Kumar, and other esteemed personalities. 

Surendra Awana, often hailed as the "Tree Man of Rajasthan," initiated his daily tree planting mission in July 2010. His commitment to this noble cause has extended to various locations, including Jaipur city, Bhankrota, Ramchandrapura, Bichoon, Bhairana, Boraj, Maheshwas, Ugriawas, and Bhande Balaji. Notably, Awana has prioritized planting saplings in government schools, actively involving school children in environmental awareness initiatives.

At the Rudra Shivam Dairy Research Center in Bhairana, Awana has created a green haven with diverse fruit and medicinal trees. The plantation boasts a rich variety, encompassing neem, apple, mango, guava, papaya, beel, custard apple, sapota, orange, litchi, amla, grapes, mulberry, sycamore, jamun, tamarind, leswa, and pomegranate. Additionally, Awana has incorporated numerous medicinal plants like Amaltas, Ashoka, Arjun, Gunga, Kachnar, Nilgiri, Palash, Tulsi, Brahmi, Turmeric, Sahjana, and Fenugreek. Iconic trees such as Khejri, Peepal, and Banyan also find a place in this green sanctuary.

Surendra Awana's relentless dedication to tree planting transcends personal achievements. His mission aligns with the broader goal of environmental sustainability and community empowerment. The strategic choice of Bhairana Village for the recent tree plantation event reflects Awana's commitment to transforming local landscapes.

In a broader context, the significance of tree planting initiatives is underscored by collaborative efforts such as the one organized by CarDekho in partnership with Grow Billion Trees. 

This event, involving active participation from local students, reinforces the importance of environmental stewardship among the younger generation. Beyond the immediate environmental impact, such initiatives contribute to empowering local farmers by diversifying their income sources.

Surendra Awana's journey as the "Tree Man of Rajasthan" is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of individual commitment to environmental conservation. His legacy extends beyond the physical trees he has planted, encompassing a broader vision of sustainable living, community development, and a greener future for Rajasthan and beyond.

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